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The Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession
ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism (2015)
Editors:  Haskins, Paul A

A 20-chapter volume by leading authorities on change in the profession and the legal services marketplace, it offers expert guidance on rapid change in the legal services landscape and what legal organizations and individual lawyers must do to adapt and preserve our profession.

The State of Mentoring in the Legal Profession
NALP Foundation (2013)

This report details the findings from a very comprehensive survey of mentoring efforts throughout the legal profession. The report includes information from law firms, law schools and bar organizations throughout the United States and Canada on such topics as formal and informal mentoring program structures, budgets and management. Also included in this one of a kind report are perspectives from practicing lawyers in both the public and private sectors and law students from across the United States. These lawyers and law students have provided valuable insight into the importance of mentoring, profiles of primary mentors and frequency and methods for communicating with mentors. The information gained from this study and included in this report is a "must have" for any organization establishing or managing a mentoring program. 200 pages. 2013. $195.00.

Maximizing Relationships to Become a Successful Lawyer (2012)
Authors:  Timmer, Amy; Cristiano, Matthew
ISBN:  ISBN 9780314609120

Lawyers' Professional Development: The Legal Employer's Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition (2012)
Authors:  Abbott, Ida O.

The new second edition updates and builds on the original book. It contains a great deal of new material and expands topics that now warrant greater prominence, such as competency models, technology-based training, and client-law firm collaboration in professional development.

This book is written for legal employers, managers, professional development directors, training partners, and everyone interested or involved in lawyers' learning and development. It is intended to be a complete reference for those who are starting, expanding, revising, or restructuring professional development activities. Whether you are new to the field or have extensive experience, this book will be an invaluable resource.

Do-It-Yourself Mentoring
19 (1) (2002)
Authors:  Africa, Martha Fay

Whether a new attorney is working for a large firm or a small one, he may find the need to take charge of his own education and serve as his own mentor in learning how to be an effective lawyer. This article provides suggestions for how to fill in those educational gaps.

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