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Maximizing Relationships To Become A Successful Lawyer: Innovative Mentoring For Lawyers And Law Students By Matthew Cristiano, Amy Timmer

This very readable how-to manual meets the needs of young lawyers seeking mentors, seasoned lawyers who want to provide meaningful mentoring without significant time commitments, and bar associations and law schools searching for an inexpensive way to help make meaningful mentoring happen.

Focusing on "professionalism mentoring," the book:

  • Offers a fresh, innovative approach to legal mentoring that involves having many mentors and brief mentoring sessions

  • Provides a variety of ways to find mentors and capture their best advice in short order

  • Gives readers techniques for maintaining mentoring relationships

  • Benefits law students and young lawyers by helping them grow their network of experienced lawyers who will guide and advise them

  • Can be read from cover to cover or used regularly for quick reference

  • Offers approaches to mentoring that are non-resource intensive

  • Provides seasoned lawyers ways to offer meaningful mentoring without significant time commitments

  • Provides the questions young lawyers and law students should ask to begin a mentoring relationship
  • Utilizes professional identity development and professionalism as a basis for starting the mentoring relationship and improving the profession.

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