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Mentoring is now, more than ever, essential to the future success of the legal profession. Through mentoring, protégés build practical skills while developing a sense of confidence, identity, and effectiveness in their professional role. Just as importantly, mentoring strengthens our profession by enhancing our sense of community and elevating our standards of competence, ethics, and professionalism.

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Discount on the New Edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring

New models of lawyer mentoring have emerged over the past few years and mentoring today has become more strategic than in the past. The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring 2nd Edition is a must-have resource that offers practical tools for establishing successful mentoring relationships in today's dynamic legal workplace. Author Ida Abbott (a speaker at the upcoming National Legal Mentoring Consortium conference) was one of the first to address lawyer mentoring in a systemic way and is widely recognized as the leader in the field. For individual lawyers, mentoring relationships offer keys to professional success. For law firms, mentoring programs are an investment in the future. This book will provide both audiences with the information necessary to find success in all areas of mentoring, and during all stages of a lawyer's career. Conference attendees can order the book for a special reduced price of just $55 by using this form.

20 Professionalism Tips for Millennial Attorneys

The Supreme Court of Illinois has shared twenty tips for new attorneys not accustomed to the norms of the legal profession.

2020 National Legal Mentoring Consortium

2020 National Legal Mentoring Consortium

2018 National Legal Mentoring Conference

The 2018 National Legal Mentoring Conference was held April 12-14, 2018 at the University of South Carolina School of Law in Columbia, SC. There were participants from 24 states, Canada, and Brazil. The title of the conference was Mentoring: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Legal Profession. The Conference Video Library is available under Conferences & Symposia.
Keynote Address Presentation Materials (Password Protected File)

2Civility News - Technology in the Practice of Law

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism is dedicating the first day of every month to a nuts and bolts [how-to] issue pertaining to technology. This month Mark Palmer (our Professionalism Counsel) debuted the first 2Civility Tech Blog post, complementing our other posts relating to the importance of technology in our profession. If lawyers embrace innovation and leverage technology, they can work better, smarter, and more efficiently. In doing so, lawyers will continually improve service to clients and the administration of justice.

National Legal Mentoring Consortium Conference 2016 - Video Library

A collection of four videos from the 2016 NLMC Conference.

ABA President Paulette Brown Speaks at 2016 National Mentoring Conference

President Brown states Mentorship is the key to diversity in the profession.

2016 National Legal Mentoring Conference

The National Legal Mentoring Consortium sponsored its 2016 Conference with the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program of the Colorado Supreme Court (C.A.M.P.) and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. May 5-7, 2016 in Denver, CO.

Lessons for the Journey

The Tennessee Bar Journal uses Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to share lessons on mentoring.

The State of Mentoring in the Legal Profession

This report details the findings from a very comprehensive survey of mentoring efforts throughout the legal profession. The report includes information from law firms, law schools and bar organizations throughout the United States and Canada on such topics as formal and informal mentoring program structures, budgets and management. Also included in this one of a kind report are perspectives from practicing lawyers in both the public and private sectors and law students from across the United States.

The Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession

The American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Professionalism has put forth this 20-chapter volume by leading authorities on changes in the profession and the legal services marketplace. It offers expert guidance on rapid change in the legal services landscape and what legal organizations and individual lawyers must do to adapt and preserve our profession.

Maximizing Relationships To Become A Successful Lawyer: Innovative Mentoring For Lawyers And Law Students By Matthew Cristiano, Amy Timmer

This very readable how-to manual helps young lawyers seeking mentors, seasoned lawyers who want to provide meaningful mentoring without significant time commitments, and bar associations and law schools searching for inexpensive ways to help make meaningful mentoring happen.

Matched vs. Episodic Mentoring: An Exploration of the Processes and Outcomes for Law School Students Engaged in Professional Mentoring

In spite of the growing number of formal mentoring programs aimed at facilitating the transition from law school to law practice, as well as evidence supporting the need for law students to proactively seek out and gain information and support from numerous legal professionals, little empirical research has examined mentoring as a source of professional and personal development in the field of law.

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